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Just wanna say sorry to all you guys for the complete silence, I've been dealing with a lot of stress, depression and other things.. A lot of times I had no motivation for art and I believe this is the longest I've gone without posting anything which I apologize greatly for x__x; Things just kept going up and down hill and I just needed a break from everything.. Well Im getting a lot better and my motivation for art is coming back again~ And I've been working really hard on commissions and trades so I can finally get all those kicked out the way, Im just really glad I have very patient commissioners/traders who've also been very supportive of me and what I was going through c: And Im glad to be back with you guys again! 

I also want to say thanks to all my friends and watchers who've been supportive as well~ Thanks you guys <3 

I just recently made a new Twitter account since people have been asking and so I can keep you guys up to date and chill, I also want to post my doodles and sketches lol 

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Service Prices These are my listed prices for my service, from drawing characters to producing professional graphics to building and repairing huge computer or service rigs, I can create it for you! Be sure to read my service prices and details carefully! Commission Request Form Ready for a commission? Send out a request for a commission and expect a reply within 48 hours! Please refer to my Service Prices for more information about my commission service! Your Commission Status Check your commission status here! Be sure to have your Commission Request Order number ready to look up your commission update!
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Latest Pictures These are my latest pictures I've submitted. Check them out!
Boss Sergal
Foxy Belly Rubs
My Only Love
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