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About Bit Bite Illustrations
iRaph Studios is a new and improved way for me to communicate and take commissions from people across the internet and around the world. I've been taking commission artwork and computer requests for years now, drawing and building products for people small and big alike. From computer graphics, comic book characters, to large gaming servers and huge water-cooled computer rigs.

However, in the past, it's been difficult putting this small business into perspective, and making it the real deal, until now. iRaph Studios is a new frontier for making this commissioning work a more serious and professional exchange. You can make commission requests, view the status of your commission, and see the work created for you through this new and exciting website. This is to help further my trust in my customers and help communication with the community and industry. 

This is iRaph Studios, here to design your needs.

About the Artist
I'm just your average 28 year old hard working guy trying to make a living with what I love to do. I've designed many graphics, websites, and now video games. For the past few years, I've been working on a project called the  Active Assaults Saga (Now called The Glytheum State), and lately it's gotten even more popular than I have expected. We've been making lots of progress since day one my team grouped together and formed iRaph Studios.

I became a fur 15 years ago when I discovered the StarFox fanbase and games, quickly taking a love to the games and characters. I soon developed my own characters and friends who were in the same fanbase. Over the years I grew from one corner of the furry fandom to the other, making new friends, becoming active on lots of different websites like or, the fandom quickly became a huge influence on my life. It wasn't long until my artistic knack, for a lack of a better word, took flight in this new and exciting community, and I started to develop my own reputation through my artwork, and from there I grew even more.

I've been struggling a long time however, and I've been wanting to make my dream job come true for a long time. So this is my new shot at that! Welcome to my website!							
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